Are you totally over pharmaceutical birth control but not 100% sure about natural options?

Are you and your partner relying on the "pull-out" method and praying that every cycle that you'll be safe from unplanned pregnancy?

I spent a lot of time listening to my girlfriends stressing over this! I created Pull-out with Confidence: your Guide to Condoms & the Withdrawal Method because my partner and I use the withdrawal method every cycle and I'm almost never anxious about my period showing up

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Hi, I'm Nicola, a certified menstruality mentor and body literacy activist. I work with my mum, Beatrice, who is a certified and accredited fertility awareness educator, reproductive health coach and functional nutritionist

  • You deserve a thriving intimate life that doesn't negatively impact your hormonal or longterm health
  • You deserve to make informed choices about your birth control options
  • The withdrawal method is not for everyone, but it may be for you... download the guide to find out!

Hear from those who have read the guide

This is a thorough and well thought out resource that has given me more confidence and self-responsibility in intimate encounters after divorce. It gave me tools with which to open the somewhat tricky conversation with partners in a way that is not intimidating


I had the perception that withdrawal was risky for everyone but this guide helped me realized that it may be a good fit for my husband and I. We have been using condoms with confidence but intrigued to explore this


Having never been in an intimate relationship, I'm a bit clueless on the subject but I found this guide practical and informative. I feel more informed and confident for when the time comes


In the guidebook:

  • Open the conversation and get clear on exactly how you and your partner feel about potential conception. When it comes to natural birth control, your actions must match your intentions
  • Follow the YES/NO flow chart to find out if the withdrawal method is a good match for you as a couple
  • Get all the tips and tricks for maximizing the efficacy of condoms and the withdrawal method
  • Continue your own research with the resource guide

Is the withdrawal method right for you? What natural birth control methods match your intentions? Find out now!

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